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Dominic Blaazer


The Selmer Truvoice Concord Eight & The Small Faces

This valve (tube) amp is the archetypal "ten-quid" amp that I picked up as a teenager in our local Sevenoaks music shop. Most people were into transistor amps but I was powerless to resist this. It dates from Selmer's 'crocskin' period, 1963 - 1965, a very exciting period for music and equipment.

At that time, countless bands were working hard, turning themselves into hit-makers and songwriters. Some even had day-jobs, including two future members of The Small Faces who worked at Selmer's London factory: Kenney Jones on assembly and Ronnie Lane, testing amps. Did Ronnie Lane test this one? As a Small Faces fan, my imagination says, "of course he did!" 

Valve/tube lineup: power amp 2 x 6AQ5A, pre amp 2 x ECC83/12AX7, rectifier 1 x EZ80, "magic eye" 1 x 6E5.

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